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Catherine Coulter – Serie Baron

No traducido al español!!!
The Wild Baron

Rohan Carrington, Baron Mountvale, proud scion of a family renowned for its philandering and charm, is bewildered. He has received a letter stating that his late, younger brother, George, ruined a young lady. But how could this be possible? George was a scholar, a serious young man; without mincing words, he was a prude and a stick. whereas Rohan enjoys the reputation of being a womanizer. George had the reputation of cold porridge.

Enter the ruined young lady, Susannah, who claims she wasn’t ruined. She claims she’s a Carington, but George didn’t leave her in fine fettle. She has a three-yer-old daughter, very little money, a younger brother, and a wastrel father. In short, she’s not in very fine fettle. She and her daughter are also in danger. When Rohan and Susannah team up, they find themselves on the trail of a legendary treasure somehow connected to MacBeth, eleventh-century king of Scotland–a fantastic legacy of ancient good and evil.

There are also cats to be trained for the races, limericks to be sung to the horses, a murder to be solved, a vicar with more secrets than a wizard’s wand, and a man and a woman who are linked by magic as old as time….

No traducido al español!!!
The Offer

Phillip Mercerault and Sabrina Eversleigh first appeared in AN HONORABLE OFFER, a Regency romance published in 1981. The title has been changed to THE OFFER to reflect its new status as an historical romance, and the novel has been rewritten extensively. The result is a complex, fascinating story with thrilling plot twists and richer characters.

Sabrina Eversleigh runs away from home after her new brother-in-law attempts to rape her. She would surely have died in a blizzard if Phillip Mercerault had not rescued her. He nurses her back to health only to find that he is not a hero. Instead, he’s a gentleman who has compromised a lady. Now, there’s only one thing left for him to do — marry her.

But Sabrina turns him down, leaving him completely baffled. However, things don’t turn out quite the way Sabrina planned, and it is she, then, who must propose, sweetening the pot with a big dowry and an offer of freedom for Phillip. But what’s a husband to do when he knows his bride is afraid of men? And more important, what is the bride to do when she follows her husband to his mistress’ lodgings and discovers him on the point of indulging?

Phillip and Sabrina have a long way to go before they can sit amicably at the same table together.

Inglaterra, 1815. El duque de Portsmouth acoge en su casa a la joven viuda Evangeline, una lejana prima francesa, y le ofrece ser la niñera de su hijito.

Sin embargo, la bella muchacha, que dice haber abandonado Francia debido a la inseguridad política, no es lo que aparenta. Obligada a espiar al duque por agentes de Napoleón, que la amenazan con matar a su padre, debe ganarse la confianza del aristócrata, pero al mismo tiempo debe luchar contra la avasalladora atracción que siente hacia él. Desgarrada entre el amor y el engaño, será Evangeline capaz de romper las cadenas que la atan al pasado?

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